Touch: Our Most Efficient Regulator

We are facing a collective traumatic chronic stressor that forces upon us much uncertainty and unfortunately, fear and stress. This week’s episode of Sex Marks the Spot I’ll chat about how we can cope with the Uncertainty of COVID by leaning in to relationships with ourselves and others. I’ll chat about concrete strategies to build […]

Exploring Modern Masculinities with Brian Piergrossi Part 1

Download the Episode About This Episode In this week’s episode I’m delighted to welcome Brian Piergrossi to the show to chat about modern masculinities. Brian is coach, mentor, author, podcaster, workshop facilitator, and father who has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world over the past 12 years. After being […]

Polyamory Busting myths and talking truths with Franklin Veux Part 1

Download the Episode About This Episode In this week’s episode I’m delighted to have chatted with Franklin Veux about polyamory. Franklin has always engaged in polyamorous relationships, is an educator and go to guy when it comes to polyamorous and ethical non-monogamous relationships. Franklin has been practicing polyamory since before the term existed and launched […]

Ep 2. Are You Wanting More Sex Than Your Partner?

Download the Episode About This Episode Are you starving for more sex in your relationship?In this week’s episode, I talk about one of the most common complaints in relationships: one partner wants more sex or intimacy than the other. I’ll explore factors that contribute to mismatched libido and offer tips that you can do on […]

Long-Distance Relationship Tips for Couples Who Are Separated by Miles

Download the Episode Long-distance relationships (LDRs) are on the rise and bring different challenges to couples. Cheers to Erinne from GoodHousekeeping for the opportunity to collaborate on your piece! Check out the full article at: Here’s a few of my nuggets on LDRs: NEGOTIATE“Take some time with your partner and negotiate how often and what […]

How to Fix a Broken Relationship, According to Relationship Experts

Check out this new piece from Carmen at UpJourney on how to fix broken relationships. I offer tips that you can do on your own and together. Remember, it takes two to tango, so keep in mind both pathways. Check out the full article at: Here’s my contributions to the piece: Feeling frustrated, alone […]

Can Sex REALLY Save Your Life?

Download the Episode About This Episode In this episode we’ll explore my proposition that sex should be a target for improving overall quality of life and health. I’ll explore how sexual changes are a side effect to every, and I mean every, life stressor from cancer, work stress to depression and anxiety. I’ll also talk […]

What is Emotional Cheating?

Emotional Cheating What’s the difference between a friendship and an emotional affair. ***First, it’s important to state that emotional cheating is a behavior that relates to monogamous relationships. You can read the full article at: Emotional cheating is engaging in an emotional relationship with another partner outside of your primary committed relationship, in secret. […]