Seinfeld & Sex: We can learn a lot from life’s random moments

Seinfeld inspired this week’s episode of Sex Marks the Spot.  Join me to explore how life’s random moments, many we typically overlook, can teach us a lot about our sexualitySeinfeld inspired this week’s episode of Sex Marks the Spot.  Join me to explore how life’s random moments, many we typically overlook, can teach us alot about our […]

Aversive to Sex? Let’s Talk About Why & How to Reconnect

This week I was influenced by a few clients and participants from a webinar I spoke at where many individuals felt “broke” or “f*cked up” because they didn’t have sexual desire, or not as much as they used to due to an illness, stress, trauma – a multitude of reasons. These individuals feel ashamed, guilty, […]

Leaning in to Relationships: Coping with the uncertainty of the COVID Crisis

We are facing a collective traumatic chronic stressor that forces upon us much uncertainty and unfortunately, fear and stress. This week’s episode of Sex Marks the Spot I’ll chat about how we can cope with the Uncertainty of COVID by leaning in to relationships with ourselves and others. I’ll chat about concrete strategies to build […]

Men in Therapy

Men get the raw end of the stick when it comes to therapy. Therapy can already be intimidating to start without all the gender and cultural norms adding more pressure. In this week’s episode of Sex Marks the Spot I’m talking to all you men out there!! You get to play by YOUR rules, not […]

Questioning Your Choices

Reflections for Singles, Couples & Friends Are you living with regret? This week’s episode of Sex Marks the Spot, I’m exploring choices that we make in relationships as singles, couples and with friends. I’m feeling a tad tentative to share how I’ve been experiencing this being single at the moment and the surprising lack of […]

Sex Under Lockdown …It’s getting real

Uncertainty and fear are at the core of the COVID crisis.   It’s during these times we focus on relationships the most. Amidst this chronic stress our bodies are producing more cortisol, which can lead to changes in our testosterone and eosterogen levels — impacting our sexual wellbeing.  Changes to lidio, function -potency and lubrication, orgasm […]

Can you be Too Privileged to be distressed?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the construct of privilege and how it impacts sense of self, sex & relationships. As a first generation Filipino American, I felt incredibly fortunate to be raised in an upper-middle class environment, have education paid for, been able to travel the world. My parents came from nothing in the […]

How do you react when triggered? Your Body Knows First!

How do you react when sh*t happens in your relationships?? Whether at work, at home, with friends or family – how do you typically react when triggered? In this video I’m going to chat about how our body reacts to stress when triggered, stemming from how it learned to protect itself early on.  I’ll be discussing […]

Connecting amidst the Corona Virus

This is a stressful, uncertain time we are experiencing amidst the Corona Virus Crisis.  Anxiety feeds on uncertainty and fear.  COVID is offering the perfect feeding ground for anxiety.  If you’re noticing yourself avoiding others or withdrawing, know that these are the most common anxious reactions. How have you been connecting? My reservoir has been pretty full, […]

Interview with Cosmopolitan

Ambivalent about your relationship?  Should you keep trying or call it quits?   Living with this ambivalence is stressful to say the least and toxic to say the worst.  If you’re not sure what to do about your relationship – know that this is common.  The fantasy that all successful relationships should only be blissful at […]