Romance may still be lingering in the air, but for many cancer survivors Valentine’s Day was just another reminder of how their sexuality has been scarred by cancer.

Check out the article at: Over 40 percent of all cancer survivors experience negative sexual changes after treatment, with this percentage dramatically rising to over 90 percent in survivors treated for ‘below the belt’ cancer types, including prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer. The University of Sydney and Cancer Council NSW identified that cancer survivors […]

Sex After Cancer Amongst Latina Cancer Survivors

A community-based approach for developing novel web-based psychosexual resources for Latina cancer survivors Changes to sexual wellbeing have been reported as one of the most distressing quality of life issues among cancer survivors. Over 60% of breast and gynecological cancer survivors experience sexual dysfunction after treatment1, 2 including vaginal atrophy, painful intercourse and decreased desire. Latinas present […]

Cancer survivors can have a fulfilling sex life – we need to talk about how

Revisit:  Check out an article I wrote about sex and cancer for The Conversation: Sex and cancer are words rarely uttered in the same sentence. But they should; after treatment ends, many cancer survivors are left with sexual changes that, when left unaddressed, can become long-term problems. While vaginal dryness is a common side-effect for […]

Rejection: Why Does It Hurt And How Do I Get Over It?

Have you been experiencing rejection and asking how do I get over it? Today I’m going to talk about why rejection hurts so badly and some strategies to manage those hurt feelings and grow from rejection. Rejection sucks! However, the reality is that the fuller our lives, the more risks we have to take. So […]

How Do I Get What I Want Or Don’t Want When It Comes To Sex

Have you been asking how do I get what I want or don’t want when it comes to sex? Check out my video where I talk about some strategies that you can use to get what you want or don’t want when it comes to sex. Before I continue I’d like to begin by acknowledging […]